Unique 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

photos into jigsaw puzzles nzTrying to find the perfect birthday gift for your family members can often be an obstacle, because we do not want to disappoint those people who mean most to us! However, you needn’t be all at sea because our photo jigsaw puzzles could be the ideal gift idea!

Click on the Woman’s face above to enlarge the photo jigsaw puzzle segment, which is a small part of a larger 525 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle. Here you get to see the quality side profile of my premium grade 1/4″ thick puzzle wood, as well as the smooth, seemingly continuous flow of my Traditional puzzle cutting style. Notice how the jigsaw puzzle cut lines are intentionally wrapped around the eyes and mouth, so not to detract from the beauty of her face. For information on mytraditional cut style Prices, CLICK HERE , then down the page slightly to see the price chart.

You can put just about any photo or image on a custom jigsaw puzzle. One of the even more popular suggestions here is to use a photo of the children and have it printed on to a card or wooden jigsaw as a gift for grandparents or parents. This could be primarily based on a favourite photograph or you could take a special seasonal a single by dressing the children (or the entire loved ones) up in Christmas gear and taking a photo of that.

Expert craftsmen in the field of jigsaw puzzle creation offer an extensive range of design options. Customers can choose their custom puzzle. Specifications regarding levels of difficulty are readily catered to. Easy puzzles with larger pieces or difficult ones with many pieces, anything can be created given specific directions. A personalised puzzle is great for any special occasion including birthdays, Valentine’s, Christmas, retirement and the like!

The photos you take always tell a unique story capturing that special event or experience. There is really nothing more personal than these memories – moments in time captured on camera. That’s why facebook.com/khongkwandd using your photos to create a personalized photo puzzle for someone close to you is a great gift idea. You’re not only giving a unique and fun present, but bringing life to those special memories.

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